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STOTKO Engineering (Pty) Ltd. manufactures and sells a variety of products for the mining sector.

Shaft Cable Clamps

  • Safe suspension of the cable by means of a self-tightening and self adjusting design.Precise adjustment to cable diameter: Clamp adjustment is continuous.
  • Wide range of setting for each clamp size, therefore only few sizes for cable diameters between 10 and 100mm.
  • Only two components for ease of installation. Furthermore, the danger of accidents during the installation is minimised by a safety sling.
  • Very strong and corrosion-proof construction, can be adapted to suit your needs.
  • Compact design, thus saving space in the shaft.
  • Quick release enables clamps to be re-used on a new cable installation.
  • Safety Sling, attaching Slide and Fixed part for safe installation
  • NEW FEATURE: Coating now comes as Sheradized Clamps, which works better in more corrosive environments.

Sheave Wheel Linings

STOTKO Engineering designs Sheave Wheel Liners and can also manufacture Sheave wheels complete with liners.

Facts on Sheave Wheel Lining:

  • Lining of sheaves contributes to a longer rope life according to DIN 22410. This has been proven in practical applications in Europe but especially here in Southern Africa.
  • Ropes do not wear sheave rims anymore.
  • Quick conversion from an unlined to a lined sheave.

High Friction Linings

STOTKO Engineering (Pty) Ltd. designs and sells High Friction Liners.


  • The first liners used in coal mines were made from leather.
  • The next generation of liners were made from rubber.
  • Today's generation of liners are made from Yellow Friction Material for above ground operations and special flame retarded for underground use.
  • Liners are contributing to a longer rope life according to DIN 22410 thus lowering the operational expenses for the mine.
  • Test certificates are available for all products.
  • All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001.


Why high friction Lining?

  • It does not close up the rope groove - behind the rope - usually due to increased pressure from the wedges onto the lining material.
  • Blocks fit neatly together.
  • It is less expensive to purchase.
  • It can be supplied with or without a rope groove.